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From the University of Guelph's Office of Research:

Guelph's Laurie Manwell and Ryan Brennan Receive Scholarships

Laurie Manwell has a BSc in Biology and Psychology, an MSc in Biology (cellular/molecular/developmental), and is currently a PhD candidate in Behavioral Neuroscience and Toxicology at the University of Guelph. She has published research on the effects of drugs on learning, memory, and behavior (Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior), information processing (Psychonomic Bulletin and Review), self-esteem, emotion, and motivation (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology), political psychology and democracy (American Behavioral Scientist), and cellular and molecular biology (Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology).

With generous support of NSERC's Michael Smith Foreign Study Award, she will be studying factors that modulate neural stem cell production during transient illness and limb regeneration at the University of Florida.


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  2. I recently viewed 9/11: Ten Years of Deception in which you were a keynote speaker. I agree with with you completely on every point. I studied History in college, from which I gained the skill (and art) of research objectivity. Most people think studying History is about people, dates, and events, when in fact it is more about gaining skill in scrutinizing information. Anyway, if more people set about to gain this skill, the public would not be as easily fooled by the government (corporate cronies) and the media (corporate puppets).

  3. Billions of synapses ... and the hypothalmus before the conscious decision center ...

    Wow, and I thought I was a little on the smart side.

    Who do you know who can effectively translate all the "conspiracy" to a well-intention philanthropist?

    Dr Hulbert

    1. Dr Hulbert, I'd like the opportunity to take up your challenge. I am a networker rather than a scholar, but I have an MIT degree. My phone in the states is 410-499-5403